About Me

In a nutshell:
I’ve wasted half of my life to anxiety.
I want to make up for it by improving as fast as possible and having the most fun I can *Right Now*..


While there is a lot to talk about here (some of the most sensitive things I am keeping for
Rebels subscriber eyes only), here’s the short version of who I am and what this site is about…

So the goal of this site is simple: To help you identify and understand your anxiety
 and let you in on what is most useful in terms strategies and anxiety treatment options, so you can enjoy a full fun and normal life…
… something I know I haven’t had for a long time!

I too suffer(ed) from major anxiety, social anxiety and general anxiety.

I know what it’s like, and so it is my hope you will recognize yourself in these pages, and as a result say to yourself: “If this guy is changing his life around, I probably can too”.

I’ve suffered from major panic and anxiety for a long time – wasting half of my life mostly staying in my prison (home) because of it.

For the past 15 years I’ve been researching and experimenting with everything under the sun in order to get better. (spending way more for courses, programs and coaching than i even want to admit to myself).

I’m all about not settling for an anxiety filled life,
doing what I want and have a fun and fulfilling life…
…living on my own term.

Maybe this is something you want for yourself as well?

So anyway, this was just a short intro into who I am and what this site is about.
Feel free to browse around and feel right at home.

Please also feel free to email me about anything or just to say hi.

Nice meeting you btw : )